by Syncfactory

Demon 03:48


SYNCFACTORY digital single «Demon» is a taster from an upcoming full
length album called «Panopticon» with several remixes and release by
Insane Records. In this Digital single you can hear also 'Demon' remix made by
SHADES:OF:HELL, and KUROSHIO of song 'Full
Scale War', its original version will be released on the upcoming full length album.

SYNCFACTORY new single «Demon» is about a different kind of genie in a
bottle, the primordial kind, spirit that can possess you and is to be
feared and avoided.
The song is about personal demons, addictions, alcoholism — as we know,
we all have our personal demons, you name them!
The song is a full throttle affair with a dancefloor beat, dark and
melodic sounds, and harsh vocals with a touch of 90's.

Stay tuned, the upcoming full length release «Panopticon» is something
you don't want to let slip through your fingers!


released September 11, 2016


all rights reserved


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